Cash Back - your specialist for reclaiming foreign value added tax.

Cash Back VAT Reclaim AG is your partner for all matters relating to your VAT and we offer you a comprehensive package of services.


We help you calculate your VAT claims correctly and to claim back the maximum VAT from both national and international sources. We also make sure that you take into account the relevant tax regulations and simplify the entire process for you.

Since 1991 we have been helping over 2,000 companies claim back the VAT they paid for services abroad.

When we started offering our services, only a few companies were aware of the fact that VAT paid abroad can in fact be reclaimed.


In the meantime, the awareness of this fact has grown, because VAT rates in the EU currently reach up to 27 percent; reclaiming this VAT has considerable potential for reducing costs.


Nevertheless, the task of reclaiming VAT still remains «a closed book» and the path through the foreign «VAT maze» is still a difficult and complex undertaking.


However, we are convinced that we - together with our team and our Cash Back network - can always competently and successfully advise our customers and work together to find a way out of the «VAT maze».


Carl Johan Eriksson                      Marcel Suter

Founder                                              CEO