Reclaiming foreign VAT for German companies

In order to reclaim the VAT, the invoices and the corresponding applications for each country must be submitted to the authorities.


Cash Back will ensure that your application is submitted correctly and in full to the authorities, so that we can claim back the maximum amount of VAT for you.


Our specialists will also help in the following areas:


Standard service

  • Analysis of your VAT reclaim options
  • In-house training of your staff on the procurement and provision of all relevant and recoverable VAT receipts from your Accounts Department 
  • Submission of your claims  and all correspondence with the tax authorities, including queries and appeals
  • Monies are promptly transferred to client
  • Newsletters/information about news in the "World of VAT" 

Advanced service

  • Procurement and provision of all relevant and recoverable VAT receipts from your Accounts Department through trained Cash Back employees (document search service)
  •  Contacting suppliers for corrections/adjustments for foreign invoices (incorrect or missing details such as your complete company address)
  • Contacting suppliers to obtain credit notes in the event of VAT being wrongly or incorrectly charged

Do you have any questions regarding the recovery of foreign VAT? Contact us!


The process

... With Cash Back's help it's a simple process:

• All contact is through Cash Back VAT Reclaim AG

• Send in, or let our local Cash Back office retrieve all necessary documents and receipts

• No foreign language or vat knowledge is required; Cash Back handle all contact with the authorities

• Cash Back notify when your claim has been refunded to your account

• Full transparency is given through your online login and claim reports


Cash Back's role:


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1. Sourcing of foreign invoices using for example

• Travel Expense files or systems

• Accounts Payable files or systems

• Accounting platforms



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2. Retrieval of refundable invoices

• Onsite retrieval service relieves your staff of this clerical task


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3. Recovery process

• Cash Back provides you with all the necessary documents and forms


• Cash Back specialists prepare the claims and submit to the tax authority

• Invoice correction when missing company name or needing other formal corrections

• Recovery of wrongly charged VAT via credit note process

• Resubmission for claims needing supplementary information



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4. Refund process

• Refunds are paid into United Cash Back’s client trust account

• Monies are promptly transferred to client

• A detailed statement of the amount credited and fee incurred is sent